My Valentine

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it makes me think about my first love.  No, not a boy but the very first person who loved me, my MOM.  There are so many good memories I have with my mom but couple of them stick out the most. 

#1 is when I was young and she was putting me to bed.  I would say “I love you so much.”  She would respond, “I love you more.”  I remember that upsetting me a little because apparently she wasn’t understanding how much I loved her.  So, I would say it again.  “No, I love you more than you love me.”  She very calmly said, “You’re my baby.  You don’t love anyone more than your kids.  When you have kids you’ll love them more that me.”  I remember being shocked.  How could I possibly love someone more than my momma?  It couldn’t be true.  But guess what?  I grew up, got married and had my first baby and I remembered this very conversation I had with my mom many years earlier.  She was right.  Every part of my being fell in love with my little baby the moment I saw her.  I tell my kids “I love you more” and they will say “No, I love you more” and now I get to be the one that says “You can’t possibly love me more than I love you.  You are my baby and when you have kids you will understand this kind of love.”  

#2 happened years later in my adulthood.  We were in a Bible Study together and the teacher (Julie, one of my best friends) was explaining that the closer our relationship is with God it helps us distinguish between what is a false teaching and what is Truth.  Her illustration was: because you are so close to your mom you can recognize her hands even blindfolded.  You would know a “fake” mom from the “real” mom easily because of your relationship with her.  So, she asked some of the older ladies to come up to the front of the room, take off their rings, watches etc and stand side by side.  My mother of course was one of them and then she asked me to come up and she blindfolded me.  She told the ladies to hold out their hands and don’t talk.  I had to feel each of their hands and figure out which one of them was my mother.  I thought, “oh my gosh, how in the world am I going to be able to do this.  I haven’t held my mom’s hands in years.”  (and I didn’t want my friends illustration to bomb) The pressure was on!  I started with the first lady…tight skin, bony fingers…that was a quick NO.  Then to the next lady…squishy hands but NO.  The third lady…rough hands…an immediate NO.  Then the fourth…the softest and warmest hands!  YES!  This is my mom.  I instantly said, “This is her.”  Julie said I had to touch everyone’s hands so I touched the last ladies hands…NOPE!  I went back to my mom’s hands and Julie took off my blindfold and I saw my mom with tears in her eyes and smiling.  She said, “It’s me.”

I have so many funny, loving and wonderful moments with her.  She’s my best friend.  Happy Valentines Day, Mom.

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