I have always dreamed of having a super power since I was young.  I used to want to be a witch so I could be able to move things.  I could sit on my bed and bring my books to me, maybe even finish my homework so I could watch TV.  Ya know things like that.

Then as I got older I thought I would like to read minds.  Know what people are really thinking rather than what they are saying.  But like in the movie “What women want” with Mel Gibson & Helen Hunt.  He couldn’t turn it off and not being able to have just my own thoughts going through my mind would drive me crazy.  Well, it would be for me – I talk to myself enough, I can’t imagine having other people’s mindless chatter constantly disrupting my thoughts – haha.

So, on to the final Super Power that I would like = TIME TRAVEL.  I would call myself the Time Machine Girl or the WayBack Girl (‘cause I can go way back!). 

All I would want to do is travel 2 times.  The first time travel would be to 1953 when my Aunt was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 7 years of age and in preparing for test the Dr’s failed to inform them to gradually reduce her medications.  So, my grandparents left the appointment and took her off cold turkey.  She went into massive seizures and was left with brain damage.  She was then confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life, she could speak but not well she was basically left a 7-year-old for the rest of her life.  She would never have a boyfriend, marry or have kids.  But me and my super power would change all that.  I see myself in the waiting room of that Dr’s office.  I would be a patient waiting and then mention to my young grandparents that the medicine has to be gradually reduced and to check with the Dr.  They may think I’m crazy but they would think about it and ask questions.  I see my aunt with black hair, beautiful, married to a blonde man and having 3 kids.  I think she would be the perfect combination of my mom and my other aunt’s personalities. 

The 2nd time I would use my WAYBACK power I would go back to around 1990.  This trip would be for my dad’s side of the family, his mother, my grandmother.  She had stomach problems for years before 1990 but this is around the time that the cancer probably started appearing.  The Dr’s misdiagnosed her for years. In 1995 they finally diagnosed her with cancer in the cells of the stomach lining.  She was the most amazing lady.  She was always happy (even though her life always wasn’t); she was always smiling, always encouraging, and always loving.  She loved so unconditionally and so sweetly.  Everyone loved her.  She was always singing and taught us a lot of fun songs that I have since taught my children.  She had 4 grandchildren and would have absolutely loved it even more to see all 10 great-grandchildren but she only got to see one and only for a year. 

When I think of her I mourn her loss not only for me, my father, and everyone that knew her but for my kids that will never be able to experience her love.  She had so much life in her to live.  I would go back to once she started having these pains in her stomach and tell her what I knew and even though that conversation would sound “crazy” she would believe me and completely understand me – that’s how trusting and loving she was. 

I can’t imagine having these 2 ladies in my life now – married with kids – the things they could have taught me. 

I would go back one more time for a friend but that’s for another blog. 

I know that I would have to be careful not to change too much because it could alter the future in more ways than one but these two lives would only bring positive change to this world. 

The Wayback Girl!

2 thoughts on “SuperPower

    1. I have thought of this so many times and I also imagine Glenda with 3 kids. They would all be girls and love me the most! Love this – MOM

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