10 Things I Love about My Daughter

1 – I love how funny she is, when she’s not trying to be.


2 – I love that she loves to collect things (rocks, broken glass and even small animal bones).

3 – I love how smart she is.  She doesn’t have to try very hard – it just comes natural to her.

4 – I love that she is very independent. (She’s a cat person – you know – She’ll come to you when she wants to be loved on and even then it doesn’t last long so you better take her when you can get her.  (My son’s a dog-person – always ready to love on you, can’t wait to see you and ready to play when you are.)

5 – I love that she is full of personality (sometimes a little dramatic – well let’s be honest – A LOT of the time she’s dramatic).

6 – I love how beautiful she is.

7 – I love that she loves bug and all kinds of animals.  I’m terrified of bugs but I taught her not to be – so she can get the bugs out of the house when my husband is not home!

8 – I love that she’s not boy crazy.  She’s not in a rush to start this next experience in her life and we’re not ready either.

9 – I love that she already believes in Jesus and is now my sister in Christ.

10 – I love that she’s a lot like me in many ways but completely different from me in other ways.

OH!  I forgot one…

11 –  I love that she loves anything soft.  She has a million blankets, robes, jackets..etc just because they are soft.  She can’t resist fleece or microfiber!

I love you Abby!!

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