“I drove my Motorcycle”

My Cycle

My grandmother is now 92 1/2 years old and resides in a nursing home.  Some days she is very coherent but other days well not so

You never know what you are going to walk into when you enter the crazy, old, memory challenged, home of the weird smell, concrete building of the old and older.  Having said that very important statement you will totally understand why I said what I said next.

Ok, so I visited my grandmother again and this day she thought she was 56 years old and wanted me to take her home.  Her childhood home!  She explained that “they are going to kick me out of here because I don’t have any money, please take me home.  Can I go home with you?  I know that’s a lot to ask but it would just be for one night.”  Even though I knew she wouldn’t remember this entire conversation in an hour I tried to explain to her that her home was 3 hours away and I wasn’t sure if anyone was there.  I explained that she lived here now – in this wonderful place where the people love her very much.  She wasn’t listening to me.  So, I had to do what any normal person would do I told her “Granny, I can’t take you home today.  I drove my motorcycle.”  She immediately had a smile on her face and said “Oh, I love motorcycles.  I rode one once and I loved it.”  Then she asked “do you love riding it?”  I looked her in the eyes and I replied, “Yes, I do love riding my motorcycle.”  With that she was perfectly fine and content.  That made leaving much easier –  I got in my SUV and took off towards home!

I love my grandmother very much and have so many wonderful memories with her; now I will have a few crazy ones.

One thought on ““I drove my Motorcycle”

  1. I don’t like nursing homes but used to visit Butch’s grandmother often while she was there. She had great stories just about every time I went. I guess your grandmother will leave you with a few more unusual memories than you thought.

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