The Frog on the Roof


About 9pm I was sitting on the couch with my 8yo son just watching TV, when he turned to me and said “There’s a frog on the roof.”  Not understanding what he was saying because I couldn’t possibly of heard what I just heard, I asked him to repeat himself.   He said very sadly, “There’s a frog on the roof.” 

“Why is there a frog on the roof?”

“I threw it up there today.  I wanted to watch him jump off but he didn’t.”

“Oh my gosh!”  It was 100 degrees today which means our black roof was 500+ degrees!  I couldn’t stand to think of that poor frog stuck on my roof.  What if he did survive the heat he couldn’t survive the JUMP!  My husband was working out-of-town so I had to call my neighbor.  He came over and brought his ladder.  I know he was looking at me like I was a complete idiot to care so much about a FRIED FROG but he didn’t say anything.  With flash light in hand he climbed up the ladder and searched for the frog.  He found it!  The crispy little frog  didn’t stand a chance on that stove top we call a roof.  He climbed down and went back home.  We went inside and my son told me he really thought that the frog would jump off the roof and go back home.                                                                                                                                          

The innocence of kids have killed more wild life than anything else!!  Ha-ha

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