Shock at a Funeral

My mom and I went to the same church when we found out that a lady from our church had died.  We didn’t know this lady as a friend we just knew of her.  She had to have been about 45 years old and we knew she had kids but wasn’t sure if she had grandkids yet and if not she would never get to know them.  We were saddened by the thoughts going through our minds.  We decided to go to her funeral to support her family and friends. 

We arrived, took our seats towards the back of the church.  We did not go to the front of the church to visit the casket we didn’t want to take time away from her family. 

As we sat in the pew waiting for the service to begin we looked around the room looking for what we thought her husband looked like.  When we couldn’t find him so we assumed that the family was in a back room getting ready to come out.  As we didn’t see her husband we did see HER-upright!  She was walking down the aisle!  She’s supposed to be dead!  I whipped my head around with eyes wide open and looked at my mom in shock.  She looked at me not knowing what’s going on.  I said “Look who’s coming down the aisle.  It’s the dead lady”.  She looked at her, her eyes widened, she looked back at me and then we got so tickled.  We were relieved that she wasn’t leaving this earth so early but this was crazy. 

Low and behold this lady sat down behind us.  Trying not to appear to be laughing we turned around to her and explained our mix up.  She laughed and said she was touched to know that even though we didn’t know each other that we would have attended her funeral.  She thanked us.

We asked her whose funeral we were attending and she said it was an older lady that attended our church with a very similar name as hers.  We sat through the mysterious lady’s funeral – well we couldn’t just get up and leave “Oops, sorry wrong funeral.”  Who does that?

4 thoughts on “Shock at a Funeral

  1. OMG! I am so proud of you for doing something like this! I loved the story about Mom’s hands. I could so totally tell her hands from those, too. You are really good at this; I’ve already laughed and cried! Keep it coming!

    1. I don’t know. You could tell them to go to the blog sight and in the search block they could type in shock at a funeral.

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