My Home

My home isn’t eye catching, elegant nor will ever be on the front of Home Beautiful magazine but to me it’s beautiful.  We had many opportunities to buy a bigger better more in-style house but why would I want to leave this one?  It has everything I need and holds all my memories for the last 18 years.  My husband built our home and since then the wall décor has changed many times.  Thank goodness.  We bought our first dog, Roxy, a black lab that quickly became our baby.  Roxy lived in the house with us until six years later when we had our first “real” baby.  After, about a year I couldn’t handle Roxy’s black hair on my sweet little baby.  So, out she went.  On the walls of my baby’s room I had painted “For this child I prayed”.  I had prayed for her for 6 long years and finally I was blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl.  Since then those words have been painted over a couple of times but if you look real close you can see a few of those brush marks.  It makes me smile.

Then baby #2 came, a precious baby boy who completed our family.  My living room was cluttered by all their toys.  If I sit on my couch and remember, I can see each one of those toys before me.  It makes me smile. 

Oh, the “wallpaper” and you have to say that with the same hatred that Mommy Dearest said “No wires hangers”.  I have grown to hate wallpaper.  Having to strip it from the walls in almost every room will make one tend to think negative of the decorative styled paper.  Paint is my new best friend but I know what was on those walls before. WALLPAPER –  It makes me smile. 

I am now holding a Bible Study in my house once a week with four of the most  special ladies and it’s so amazing.  I am making new memories all the time. 

I will be sad when we move one day but I won’t be like those people on those TV shows when they get to come back and see how the new owners change the house.  The previous owners are so shocked that the new owners don’t have the exact same taste as them.  Stupid.  It makes me smile. 

To sum up… I love my house like a mother loves her ugly kid.  It’s what’s on the inside that counts.  Ha-ha.

2 thoughts on “My Home

  1. You made me to begin to think about the homes we have lived in over the years. I love this one but the memories I hold close to my heart are in the first home we owned. I’ll never forget it because we raised our kids there for many years. Great post.

  2. I think probably that would be the same for most parents – the home they brought their babies home to and the homes they themselves grew up in. I just know my next home will hold wonderful memories but nothing like these.

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