Do you hear what I hear?

When I would go to sleep at night I would hear little scratching sounds in the wall I was facing.  I would tell my husband to turn off the TV and listen.  He would hear… NOTHING.  I would hear it again but a very faint sound, then nothing and I would drift off to sleep.  The next night, their back, (you have to say that like the little girl of Poltergeist) I could hear their little feet scratching inside my wall.  I would lay there in the darkness thinking about how a simple piece of sheet rock was protecting me from this horrible animal.  Tony said it was probably a squirrel or a mouse or mice!  I would lay there saying “Do you hear that?”  Tony finally said, “There is nothing there.  You are hearing things.  Go to sleep.”  I knew what I knew and I knew I heard little feet.  Typical male dismissing a woman!  I am woman hear me ROAR!  Right?

Finally, I ROARED – “Go in the attic and see what it is.”  To his surprise when he shined the flashed light down the wall beside my bed he saw – let me just say- multiple eyes looking up at him glowing in the light.  BATS!!!!!!  I was wondering why we had no mosquitos when we have two ponds behind our house. 

He called an exterminator who tacked up a piece of a window screen in front of the opening so they could fly out but couldn’t find their way back in.  Yes, we paid $50 for a piece of window screen.  For the next few nights you could hear a few light thuds and then no more scratching.  However, we did get mosquitos.  Tony made a bat box but they didn’t go to it.  Oh, how we want the bats back –  No insects! 

I knew I heard something but I would have never thought it was BATS in my attic!

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