We really don’t ever die, do we?  We just move from earth to heaven or earth to hell.  We all have eternal life right now, we’re just in the first stage of it.  Hoping you made THE right choice in your first stage will determine where you go for your second stage  – right?                                                                 This first stage was never supposed to be like this…just think about Adam and Eve.  God created life to be like heaven on earth.  No sin, sickness, pain etc.  No walls holding us in, no sleep number bed because the one we have now hurts our backs, no carpet because the grass is soft and luscious, no HD TV because we have all the entertainment we need from all the vivid colors, smells, sounds and animals.  No cars to take us here to there because we can stroll through this beautiful garden and have everything we need.  No malls, grocery stores, car washes, movie theaters, gyms, etc.  There was never a need for those things.  We weren’t intended to be so busy with things that don’t matter.

God made us for companionship.  He wanted to spend time with us each day just walking, talking and enjoying all the things He just created for our enjoyment.  Man, have we come a long from His idea of entertainment.  His dream for us was to each fresh delicious fruits not the processed, greasy, non nutritional fast foods that we eat today.  No wonder we have to say a blessing before each meal – “Dear God, please don’t let this stuff I call food kill me (today)”.  Think about the air in the Garden.  I can’t imagine smelling clean air that wasn’t polluted by something we’ve made.  The flowers and trees would have smelled so much different.  Now, there are just muted by emissions from our cars.  I can’t imagine God entering the Garden to see me and then walking together just chit-chatting.  Today, we make it so formal “Dear God…I come to you today…asking for …”  when He just wants to talk like friends.  How much time to we spend each day just talking to our Friend?  Not that you have to spend 1 hour or 2 hours talking to God (that would be legalistic and not a friendship) but how often do you talk to your spouse each day?  On and off right?  You might call him/her throughout the day to tell them something you forgot or just to say “I love you”.  That’s what a friendship is.  Not doing it because you have to but because you want to. 

I think I will go outside and smell the flowers, look at the blooming Bradford Pear trees, listen to the birds sing their songs and talk to my Friend.  I think I’m going to tell Him “THANKS”.

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