Dee: My Grandmother

My grandmother was named after the greatest man ever, her father, Denzyl.  Yes, the most amazing lady that ever lived was named Denzelle, “Dennye” to girlie it up a bit and then shortened to “Dee”.  I didn’t call her grandmother or any derivative of that, I called her, Dee. 

She never had an enemy nor did she ever talk bad about anyone.  She was always smiling, her glass was always half full.  She loved hobbies, she loved doing things, especially things that made other people happy.  She loved to journal and past this on to her son (my dad) and her granddaughter (me). 

She loved unconditionally.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  I’ve heard about it in the Bible about how God loves us unconditionally but I never knew a human being could do it.  She made you feel that you were the most amazing child, the most special, the prettiest, the smartest…  When we would visit her she would take us around to her co-workers or the local grocery store and show us off.  We, at the time, were embarrassed and couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about.  The fuss was about us, her grandkids, and how much she loved us.  She made it a treat for that person to have met us.  She was always so proud of me.  When I didn’t make the best of grades in high school, she didn’t lecture me or put any pressure on me, she didn’t judge me she only encouraged me.  I wanted to do better because she believed in me. 

I can only hope one day to be able to love unconditionally like her.  She was wonderful.  I miss her.  She died too young at 69 years old.  I’m sad that I don’t have her wisdom here to guide me but I’m even sadder that my kids will never get the chance to have known her love or felt her love.  Oh, how she would have shown them off.  Oh my goodness she would have thought they deserved a parade.  She was everything good. 

That’s the legacy I want to leave my family and friends:  unconditional love.

Today, April 12th, would have been her 84th birthday.  Happy Birthday Dee!

4 thoughts on “Dee: My Grandmother

  1. Sweet tribute to a great grandmother. My grandmother used to “show off” my brother and me to the folks around her town. She took us shopping everytime we came to see her. It was a special treat for us. Good memories…

  2. Love this and love your goal. Makes me miss my grandma and makes me want to be that kind of grandma for my daughter’s children (when she has them!). Glad I “found” your blog through Julie. Looking forward to reading more!

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