Reindeer Mason Jar

I love quick and easy craft ideas that look like you sent a long time on on them!  I have my own vinyl company – Rooster Boutique.  I work with heat press vinyl that design tshirts with like monograms and a ton of other images and I also work with sign vinyl that I make car and Yeti decals and whatever else you can think of.

On these jars I picked this deer image that I liked and I cut it out of the vinyl.  I simply stuck it on a clean mason jar and brush painted over it.  I like the rough brush strokes to show – makes it look rustic.  Once I finished painting I carefully removed the vinyl.  I have learned NOT to wait until the paint dries to remove the vinyl – this will pull the surrounding paint off too.  Not a good look.  I allowed it to dry completely and then spray painted over the entire jar with a clear spray praint.  This will seal the brushed on paint so it will not scratch off when handling it or storing it.

I plan to fill with something colorful like M&M’s.  You could also put Epsom Salt (looks like snow) and a candle, gift cards, money, manicure/pedicure items, or homemade sweets, etc.

I plan on making some with my friends initials on it so they can keep the jar out all year long.  The vinyl can have any image or saying on it that you would like and  you don’t have to paint over it; you can just stick the vinyl to the jar and leave it like that.

These are great teacher or co-worker gifts because you can buy a dozen at Walmart for $12 (that’s rounding up) so $1 each then the vinyl $3 (for a 3X3 size) and then paint (I used what I had on the shelves in my basement).

If you want to make some jars and need some vinyl designs just pop over to my Etsy shop and messge me.  I can cut Disney designs, monograms, names, funny sayings, favorite teams etc.

Take a look at it at

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