Weathering the Storm

Today, I will look at God and see Him working

and NOT focus my attention on the people in my life that are causing me to be distracted!

And by distracted I mean – The ones that say negative things, or act negatively to me.

where-to-look-when-you-feel-like-youre-straining-against-the-oarsThe devil is trying to take my focus off my God and His TRUTHS with self-pity and pride.   I don’t have time to worry about how they treated me badly because I am so busy seeking God’s word and learning about all the amazing promises He has given me that I am not even angry or sad.  I’m too busy for that nonsense.

I am in the boat!  The storm (whatever situation I am in) is all around me and I am being tossed around getting hurt by one word or action, then the other word and I am getting mad, I’m feeling hurt.  I am looking at the very ones who are hurting me and they know what they are doing.  But in the midst of the storm I have to focus on Jesus!  I have to see Him and be at peace.  No, the storm hasn’t changed!  It’s still raging on but I am at peace.  Jesus will calm the storm.  But until then I have to see His face.  Peter – as he was walking on the water got distracted by the storm once again and started sinking.  So, I have to know that the devil doesn’t want me to be at peace.  He is going to throw something in my direction to see if I will switch my gaze to him.  I have to be on guard and ready and at the same time be soaking in God’s peace.

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