Lucy Lu is my Yellow Labrador Retriever.  She was born on Valentine’s Day, 2-14-16 and we adopted her on April Fool’s Day, 4-1-16.  She is super sweet and loving and follows me just like a toddler.  If I go to the bathroom she goes with me and stands there and looks at me.  If I take a shower she is right there licking whatever water splashes her way.  If I work at my desk she lays under my chair.


But for about 2.5 months she was almost RETURNED!  She drove me crazy.  She didn’t listen even though she really knew what I was saying.  She aggravated me and the rest of the family every day.

I totally forgot that having a puppy is like having a baby.

Now, I loved the baby stage with my kids.  I didn’t mind getting up with them and spending 24/7 attending to them but I am not that young anymore.  I’m 45 years old (well 44 when we got her but whatever) I can’t do this baby thing again!  It’s so much work.  Now that she is 9months old she is SOOOOO much better.  She is obeying with more consistency the commands we started from day one.

At 3 months old my daughter was walking Lucy around the neighborhood and 2 German Shepard’s attacked her – I say attacked but they must have been playing because they would have eaten her up.  My daughter is kicking them and yelling for the owner to help. Finally, she comes home crying hysterically and we had to immediately take her to the vet to get 5 stitches and pay $147 dollars.

Now when she hears a dog barking she gets freaked out, she loves everybody and other dogs but if they start to growl or barks she tucks tail and is up underneath me.

One of the best things that I bought was the short leash and the harness.  There was immediate transformation while walking her.  She was not pulling me and our walks were so much more enjoyable.


She loves the longest sticks from the burn pile.  She bites the very end and has to run sideways just to get it to her SPOT in the yard.

She loves to take all the stuffing out of the all her toys.  She absolutely LOVES cat crap!  This one drives me batty.  I cringe and then get mad when I see her nose buried in the pine straw and leaves.  I have sprinkled hot spices over the spots and that doesn’t seem to help.  Just today I sprayed vinegar on the spot.  So far so good but I might find she likes vinegar – I mean I would rather have vinegar than cat poo.

She got sick and was pooping blood so we rushed her to the vet then to a specialist an hour away, leaving her for observation for the night, x-rays, ultrasounds, medicines etc. we spent $1800.00.  Only to find out it wasn’t an obstruction but I really think she got into some poison in our basement (where she never should have been anyway but we totally forgot about the poison too).  We have spent so much money on this dog in the few months that we have had her.  She draining us – emotionally and monetarily!  HAHA

She is a weird little dog.  Well, she’s not little anymore she weighs 76 lbs.    We love her and she is a part of this family but I do have to admit it took a while.

When I brush her with the shedding brush – another must have – a ton of hair comes off her and it clogs the brush so I have to keep clearing it out.  Sometimes I just throw it up in the air and the wind takes it away.  Not far enough away because my little Lucy likes to eat her HAIR!  What the heck?


We even took her to Obedience Class,


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