I remember going on vacations with my grandparents.  We went to Red Top Mountain and Santa’s Land (I think in NC), and other places.  The thing I remember the most was the time in the car.  We would sing songs and play I Spy.  Granny, my grandmother on my mother’s side, would make us all sandwiches and we would stop at a rest stop to eat our picnic meal.



(This picture is from Santa’s Land – not my picture, I don’t even know where mine are but we got our picture taken with this angry rabid Easter Bunny.  When you look at pictures of the present day Bunny he is so much sweeter looking.)

My Grandmother, on my dad’s side, loved to sing and she would teach us all her songs, one in particular, made us laugh and we just loved it.  I sang it in the car by myself the other day and OMG it’s horrible.  Let me give you the words…

I’m a villain, a dirty, dirty villain

And I leave a trail of blood behind, drip drip.

I take delight in stirring up a fight

And punching little babies in the head – til there dead.

I have gotten a rep for being rotten

Putting poison in my mother’s shredded wheat,

On the level, I’m a devil.  Eat. (snort, snort) Raw Meat.


WHAT?  That’s horrible.  They sang about all kinds of stuff back in the day.

I mean just look at all the princess stories – all of them were treated badly – Evil Queen (the step-mom) tries to kill Snow White with a poison apple.  Rapunzel was stuck in the castle’s highest room in the tower to keep her safe but she had no contact with anyone. Cinderella’s mother died, father remarried and obviously leaves her with the step-mom and is never around anymore and she is treated horribly. Maleficent is on a mission to kill Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty because she wasn’t invited to her birthday party. The list goes on and on.

Hansel and Gretel were to be cooked and eaten. “Wasn’t that a good bedtime story, kids?  Now go to bed and have sweet dreams.”

Even in the Frozen movie Elsa  is stuck in a room for years because she can’t seem to control her super power.  Instead of the parents teaching her how to control her anger, they stuff her in a room to protect everyone else.

I think because they sing fun sing-a-long songs and are pretty we don’t focus on the evil that’s going on right in front of our eyes.  Hmmm…wonder if we do this in real life?  YES!!! Stay alert, just because something doesn’t come straight at you and look evil and tell you it’s evil – doesn’t mean it’s not evil.  Now, am I saying these stories are of the devil?  No, I’m just saying our perception of them is tainted with the beauty and the wonderful songs when in reality the story line is not what we really remember.

3 thoughts on “Evil in Disguise

  1. A resounding Amen to this post. It’s something I think about often, and I do believe it’s only getting worse as our children are led to believe that evil that evil is simply a form of “expression”. God help us to be a light where light is needed!

    1. Nice hearing from you again. Totally agree. I will try to explain these things to my kids and they just think I’m being crazy. I get the roll of the eyes and the “oh, Mom”. I try to explain to them that the devil will disguise himself as the most innocent looking person, animal, etc so listen and watch out.

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