lucy-12-16This is Lucy!

She’s my precious furbaby (that almost went back the first 3 months we had her).  She is a 10-month-old Yellow Labrador. She loves it when we put hats on her!  It absolutely thrills her.  I have her stocking on the mantel and just bought her a huge bone for Christmas.




This is Rikki!  She is not so keen on the hat experience.  She does not like them, however, she was very patient with us. She puts up with us most of the time.

We used to complain about her hair sporadically being all over the place but Lucy put all that into perspective!  We now have white hairs ALL OVER the place.  Like a pretty white sheet!  I can’t brush her enough, sweep enough, wipe the counters enough to make it look like my house is actually clean.

       It’s Fur – Life!

Take pictures of your fur-babies too.  I would love to see them.

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