tumblr-pictures-and-quotes-cs-lewis-quotes-65156Are you looking back?

There are 2 reasons to look back #1 to learn from the past to make the present better, #2 to stay in the past and hold on to hurts or sorrows.  The number 1 reason is the best one.  God gave us the Bible to learn from so we wouldn’t repeat the past sins of the people.  So, that we could learn from them and find that better way to live our lives.

Wdont-look-backhen God tells you to do something you aren’t supposed to look back at what was; otherwise you will be tempted to return.  We open wide the door to temptation through considering all the possible negatives and then wonder why it’s so hard to believe what God is telling us to do.


I can’t think about a few close relationships as they used to be, or rather, as I thought they were.  I have to accept the way they are now and focus on God and not them.  I don’t have to think of a ‘godly’ way to reconcile with them.  I just have to focus on God and He will lead me to the next thing to do.  That’s it.  It’s not complicated or hard. I have to focus on God and the plans He has laid out before me.  I have to …Be still and know!

images                                                                                                                     Listen to God and not the devil.  Satan wants to remind you of all those hurtful things others have done to us or that we have done to others.  But you can’t change the past, it is what it is.  Unfortunately, we have to accept it.  But the good thing is it doesn’t have to stay that way, we can choose to not live in that moment for the rest of our lives.  Christmas is approaching and it’s a wonderful time to love on one another.  Let’s put the past behind us and just LOVE.

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