How is it that one child lives a completely different life than the other child while both are living in the exact same house with the exact same parents?

These parents are amazing, loving sweet and wonderful; yet one has a lot of negative memories and the other a fairy tale.the-poorest-of-the-poor-are-those-who-feel-that-they-are-unloved-quote-1

I lived the fairy tale!  My parents didn’t argue, there were no drugs, no mental, physical or emotional abuse.  Even my extended family was great too.  No crazy uncles, no drugged out cousin etc.  I know my parents would have shielded me from those things but now even as I have grown up I don’t have those issues in my life.  I am blessed and I know that.  I thank God every day for that.

My sister and I are just 15 months apart so we were treated the same, yet different because we are different but no major differences.  You would think we grew up in completely different homes.  It’s all in your perception of things.  I am realizing that we are born with these different abilities to perceive the things around us and not necessarily thought these things.  I am a more positive person.  I’m no Pollyanna but I am a glass is 1/2 full type person.  I don’t think of myself as selfish or self-absorbed so I don’t take everything as a personal attack. (Not saying I can’t be selfish at times, of course, I can.  It’s just not part of my character.)  I am very sensitive and empathetic.  When someone does me wrong, my first thought is “what did I do?” “I must have done something.” My sister’s first thoughts are “What’s wrong with you?”, “You’re just a miserable person who has to lash out at people.” Both sides are a little messed up.  My thoughts made me grow up with low self-esteem and her thoughts have made her more prideful and very competitive.

We will talk about our memories of growing up and hers are not like mine.  She has a lot of sad memories where most of mine are all loving and sweet.  It’s sad to me that her memories aren’t as loving and sweet.

Maybe it all boils down to our own love language. I felt completely loved and she didn’t.  I pray that God reveals these truths to her so she can move past these feelings and start living the life she was always meant to live.


2 thoughts on “A Sibling’s Perspective.

  1. Hi, Kristi 🙂 We’re all different even if we were raised in the same family and had the same experiences. It’s weird I agree, but I have found it happening in a lot of families. All you can do is be a loving you and hope for the best.

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