What are you focusing on?

photo-1453728013993-6d66e9c9123a.jpegThis is a new year to start new habits.  Out with the old and in with the new!  Let’s be happier, more peaceful, more forgiving and especially more loving.  Let’s think of the good sweet memories that we have and let’s move away from all the bad junk that satan wants us to remember constantly!  Let it go.  Let’s live our best life so let’s start moving in a direction of new thinking.

Think about this….

“We have the power to esteem or disesteem the things that happen to us.  We are not a product of our environment – overcome it!” Andrew Wommackmagnify

Our minds are like magnifying glasses – whatever we focus our attention on becomes bigger and more
dominant in our lives. 

What you spend your time and thoughts on is what you value.  When someone is mean and hateful to us and then we spend a lot of time thinking about this person, why they said what they said, why they did what they did, what I should have said, what I’m going to say… What value are you putting on that situation?

Even if it’s huge and so hurtful it’s not worth giving your life to it every day.

My husband played golf with a with an old friend of his, Dave, and Dave is still mad at another one of their longtime friends, Matt, for a fight that happened about 10 years ago.  Dave has ‘focused’ on this situation so much so that Dave and his brother want to fight Matt the next time they see him, again this is 10 years LATER!  WOW!  I do not want to be like that.  Dave is still so angry.  He has been thinking about this for the last 10 years!  Yet, Matt has gone on about his life and he probably hasn’t thought another thing about this altercation since.   Dave is still mad but never asked people what really happened – he was drunk when the fight took place.  He just went with his limited memory!   He didn’t even have the facts.  He has been mad over nothing – something he made up in his head (because of the lack of info/memory).

Are you holding on to a past hurt?  Are you tired of thinking of this person or situation all the time?  It’s ok to let it go and move on.  You are not saying that what they did is ok, you are saying it’s ok for you to think about other things.

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