The knowledge of God’s word is great but it’s not FAITH until you put it into action.


Think of it like this … God’s word is the electrical outlet and faith is the plug to the lamp. You are in charge of the plug, you can lay it on the floor or you can plug it in.  You can just live life with knowing God’s word in your head or you can trust God and plug into Him. Once you take the steps of plugging it in and making that connection – that spiritual connection (it’s called a revelation- not just head knowledge).  You can have head knowledge on God’s word but once you act on your faith you won’t have the revelation knowledge that it takes to move mountains.

A lot of people will know God’s promises and wonder why it’s not working for them.  The power company can give your house electrical power through the wires that are running in the walls but if you don’t plug your lamp into the outlet you can’t blame the power company for your lamp not turning on.  That’s just crazy, right?  Yet, we do this all the time with God.  We expect to read His word and get the results but that’s not how it works.  You have to have the faith to take the steps to connect to that power.


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