Love is kind.


“Kindness creates a blessing.”

There are 4 key points the authors make to being kind.





I have definitely taken the back seat on the initiative key point.  I am sitting back waiting for him to make the first move because I feel I always have been the one to make the first moves.  But love never fails, love endures so I must continue doing what I know to do.  I have made this life-long covenant with my husband and it cannot be broken so therefore we are on this team together and one teammate can’t stop doing their part.   It just doesn’t work like that.  I have to step up my game and start doing my part and stop worrying if I feel I am doing “more”.  I should do more, I’m a Christian.  My witness needs to be KIND, no matter what.  My actions speak to what I believe and I believe in God’s love, therefore, I need to show God’s love to others.  This is what I am going to be working on and I have to continue with the patience thing – Day 1, remember.

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