Been sick…

Aaahhhh!  It’s been a while since I posted last.  I started getting sick and thought it was going to leave me but oh no, it decided to stay and hunker down inside my chest.  I lost all energy for about 2.5 days then the cough started, that brought up pressure in my head so the headache joined in and then the chest pains from coughing so much felt like little pieces of shrapnal being blown through my lungs.  Then a few days of feeling better and now this morning I was so tired, AGAIN!!  This can’t be coming back around.    Please…NO!!!!

However, even though I feel like crap I am keeping in mind the 3 days of the Love Dare,  Patience, Kindness and being SelfLESS.  I feel I am not really putting myself out there wholeheartedly yet but when the opportunity comes I am doing these things in response – so that’s something, right?  Yes, I need to step up my game and be more proactive in these ways.  I will do better.  I will take the first step in being kind and selfless by initiating a back rub or to help out with daily tasks that he is too busy to do.  I will listen for ways to lend a hand and expect nothing in return.  I will just be happy to do them.  Ok, let’s see how that goes – haha.  It sounds good but putting that into reality is totally different but I know there has to be a change towards growing closer and I guess it will start with me.  Wish me luck.

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