Don’t Look Back?

Are you looking back? There are 2 reasons to look back #1 to learn from the past to make the present better, #2 to stay in the past and hold on to hurts or sorrows.  The number 1 reason is the best one.  God gave us the Bible to learn from so we wouldn't repeat … Continue reading Don’t Look Back?

Get into the Christmas Spirit

Oh, all the wonderful things I can make!  I love my job.  I love designing an image on the computer and then cutting it out on vinyl and finally applying it to an object - that I can wear or hang on my tree or stick to my car window!  The possibilities are endless. Check … Continue reading Get into the Christmas Spirit

Christmas Jar DIY Craft

Reindeer Mason Jar I love quick and easy craft ideas that look like you sent a long time on on them!  I have my own vinyl company - Rooster Boutique.  I work with heat press vinyl that design tshirts with like monograms and a ton of other images and I also work with sign vinyl … Continue reading Christmas Jar DIY Craft