Lucy Lu – My Labrador Puppy!

Lucy Lu is my Yellow Labrador Retriever.  She was born on Valentine’s Day, 2-14-16 and we adopted her on April Fool’s Day, 4-1-16.  She is super sweet and loving and follows me just like a toddler.  If I go to the bathroom she goes with me and stands there and looks at me.  If I … Continue reading Lucy Lu – My Labrador Puppy!

The Frog on the Roof

About 9pm I was sitting on the couch with my 8yo son just watching TV, when he turned to me and said "There's a frog on the roof."  Not understanding what he was saying because I couldn't possibly of heard what I just heard, I asked him to repeat himself.   He said very sadly, "There's a frog … Continue reading The Frog on the Roof