My Home

My home isn’t eye catching, elegant nor will ever be on the front of Home Beautiful magazine but to me it’s beautiful.  We had many opportunities to buy a bigger better more in-style house but why would I want to leave this one?  It has everything I need and holds all my memories for the … Continue reading My Home

The Shack

This book was recommended to me by a good friend.  She warned me that it would be very sad and shocking.  I’ll skip the sad part, you can read that, I want to tell you about the shocking part, the way we view God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I honestly see God as a … Continue reading The Shack

“I drove my Motorcycle”

My grandmother is now 92 1/2 years old and resides in a nursing home.  Some days she is very coherent but other days well not so You never know what you are going to walk into when you enter the crazy, old, memory challenged, home of the weird smell, concrete building of the old and … Continue reading “I drove my Motorcycle”

10 Things I Love about My Daughter

1 - I love how funny she is, when she's not trying to be. 2 - I love that she loves to collect things (rocks, broken glass and even small animal bones). 3 - I love how smart she is.  She doesn't have to try very hard - it just comes natural to her. 4 - I … Continue reading 10 Things I Love about My Daughter

10 Things I Love about My Husband

1 – I love him because he loves me for me – good and bad. 2 – I love him because he knows me better than I know myself (most of the time). 3 – I love him because he is so different from me.  He encourages me to step out of my nice, neat … Continue reading 10 Things I Love about My Husband

My Valentine

With Valentine's Day just around the corner it makes me think about my first love.  No, not a boy but the very first person who loved me, my MOM.  There are so many good memories I have with my mom but couple of them stick out the most.  #1 is when I was young and she was … Continue reading My Valentine